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We are strong believers that a truly HOLISTIC approach to living a HEALTHY & VIBRANT life focuses on the intersection of fitness and medicine. What if those messages were aligned with each other and were tailored to your own personal goals?

Please fill out the information below, we would love to get to know you! You will discover quickly that we are on a mission to shift the way people think about their fitness, their health, and CrossFit.

I. General Information

What is your why? What motivates you?

We fully recognize that each individual who comes into our space has different motivations. Some people are there to simply move their bodies and get some exercise. Some people are there because they LOVE the community that forms and appreciate the commraderie that grows out of showing up and growing stronger and healthier with their friends and neighbors.  Others use the gym as a place to get ready for the next hike or the next ski season OR to keep up with the little ones in their lives (kids or grandkids). For some, it helps them to work through the stress of their day.

Regardless of your "why", it can be it can be a great place to feel apart of something and a great way to get, stay, or become healthy


NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY | However, if you have previous experience, we would love to hear about it. How can we best meet and support you in your journey? Our priority is Coaching you well & keeping you SAFE while we help you meet your goals!

Schedules | Class Times

Memberships will be UNLIMITED. Show up when it works for you.


One of the things we love most about CrossFit's methodology is its adaptability. The ability to tailor the workload and intensity based on what the individual wants to accomplish is paramount. This is not a "No Pain, No Gain" or a "I must suffer or it won't work" approach. FITNESS is SO much more than simply crushing PR's (personal records) and trying to qualify to be the fittest on the planet!

Coaching that is focused on the HEALTH and WELLNESS of the individual, is in our opinion the path that contributes to the living of our best life. We want to build a COMMUNITY that supports those ideals. We want to tailor programming and our environment around a COMPASSIONATE approach that gets to know and understand its COMMUNITY first, in order to serve the COMMUNITY best!

How can we best SUPPORT you?

WHAT MAKES US UNIQUE | Our Qualifications & Experience

One piece that makes our FITNESS offering unique is the fact that we are LICENSED HEALTHCARE providers with collectively more than 35 years of knowledge and experience caring for patients with a full range of health concerns. We see patients in our clinic everyday that are working through chronic and/or acute health issues. We get to help folks work through and improve a lot of physical ailments, and a lot of internal chronic conditions. Within our healthcare practice, we meet so many from all walks of life that are there to get healthy, stay healthy, and/or optimize their current state of health.

Treating the "Whole Person" and not simply their symptoms also has proven to be the key to supporting mental/emotional/spiritual heath along with the physical manifestations of illnesses. In fact, the mental/emotional/spiritual health has become a specialty within our healthcare practice.

We would love to learn about how we could best SUPPORT you if you are interested in sharing.

Thanks again for your interest!

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We look forward to meeting you!