Jing Shen Healing Arts Academy

Membership Levels Explained | Come Join us!

Thank you so much for your interest. The section of the site that you are trying to reach requires membership to the platform. Below is a bit of information about the different membership levels.

FREE membership

Enrolling in the FREE membership grants access to our Tea Group, access to our COURSE OFFERINGS and a glimpse into the community that is being created. (Course fees required. Course fees are in addition to any membership fees.)

BASIC membership

The BASIC membership includes everything available in the FREE membership and expands your access to more of our offerings. Expanded offerings include the ability to participate in community groups and forums. You will also gain access to monthly wellness talks and a variety of free monthly webinars offered by our team. We will talk about Chinese Herbal Remedies, Acupuncture, and NATURAL, HOLISTIC approaches to Pediatric and Family Health. With the BASIC level, you will have access to live-stream and recorded Yoga and mindfulness offerings in the MIND-BODY PRACTICES group. These offerings are accessible for beginners and the most experienced of practitioners and are intended to support your personal at-home practice. They can also be used as a guide when developing your practice. The BASIC membership also allows you to explore our course offerings.

As we continue to develop our course offerings, BASIC and PLUS members will have early access to those offerings. (Course fees required. Course fees are in addition to any membership fees.)

PLUS membership

The PLUS membership level includes all of the access to the BASIC level membership plus archives of previous wellness talks, lectures, and webinars. Our PLUS membership includes discounts on course offerings as well as other perks and offerings still being developed.


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