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Thank you for your interest! We are glad you are here!

Middle Path CrossFit (MPCF) has been a dream for several years. Our initial exposure to CrossFit was so much different than CrossFit's reputation. NOT scary, NOT overly intense, NOT dangerous, and NOT only for the super fit! At Middle Path, we have a plan and expectation to demonstrate that HEALTH, WELLNESS, & FITNESS can and should be different. It should be fun, enjoyable, and a place we go to move our bodies safely along with a community of people that are supportive and enjoyable to be around. Our mission is to create a community that celebrates diversity, supports growth, and champions inclusivity while holding space for each of us to feel safe, empowered, and capable. At Middle Path, it's not just about lifting weights; it's about lifting each other."

Please take a moment to look through our message here - our goal was to provide as much information as we are able at this time and lay groundwork for what is coming! If you know us personally, have worked with us in the treatment room, or met us in our wellness space downtown, then you know when we roll out big projects, we like to find a balance between mystery and intrigue mixed with all the information necessary to help you make the best choices for yourself. Our opening of a CrossFit gym is no different. However, let's answer some questions...

Question #1? | WHO ARE WE at Middle Path CrossFit?

At Middle Path CrossFit, we believe in the intersection of fitness and medicine. Our approach will be unique, and it will be our coaching that sets us apart! Owner and head coach Dr. Devynne is a licensed Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese medicine and one of only a handful of coaches in the country to be recognized by CrossFit as a Healthcare CF-L2 Coach (HCPL2). An opportunity only available to qualified, licensed healthcare providers.

Question #2 | Why does that matter?

As medical professionals, we recognize that the best way to help people is to understand that each individual has unique needs. Our primary goal in our private practice has always been clear: meet each individual where they are. Carrying this same philosophy into our approach with CrossFit, we recognize that each member of our community shows up with varying abilities and goals, oftentimes deeply personal. At its core, CrossFit's methodology and adaptability can be ideal for helping individuals achieve their goals.

Question #3 | Where will you be located & when will you be opening?

We will be located in the heart of Downtown Kalispell. The opening will be happening in very intentional phases. The GRAND OPENING will not happen until Spring 2024, however, we will begin holding small group classes as a "soft opening/launch" for early adopters and "Founders Members" in Mid-December.

We are putting some final details and finishing touches on a space within our center which will eventually become a private training space. This smaller more private space is being finished first to allow for small group classes and private training while the rest of the space is receiving the TLC it requires to build it out. This private space is also a space where we will get to do some on one work with our patients once we get open fully.

Question #4 | What will the "soft opening" look like?

We are SO excited about this plan! The intimate, studio-like setting along with our comprehensive approach to coaching are key highlights, providing an ideal environment to welcome and acquaint people with our unique perspective. The setting is perfectly suited for onboarding new members, establishing a strong foundation focused on meticulous attention to detail, and ensuring safety during their journey towards improved movement, increased strength, and empowerment in leading a healthy and active lifestyle.

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  • CLASSES | We will begin by running semi-private/small classes for groups no larger than 5 people.
  • SCHEDULE | The schedule for the soft opening will be the schedule for the full opening. We will be offering 5-6 classes  per day.
  • KEEP OUR COMMUNITY SAFE |Semi-private training will allow those who join to build a solid foundation and learn the basics & fundamentals of CrossFit in a small, low-pressure setting
  • WHAT ABOUT EXPERIENCED ATHLETES | Experienced CrossFit athletes will get an opportunity to refine their skills and movements. We can ALL benefit from great coaching!
  • ABOUT THE CLASSES | All sessions will run like a typical class, will be instructor led and should not feel any different than a typical class – the main difference will be size of the groups.

Question #5 | What would we say to someone who is a bit intimidated or concerned about injury? OR someone who has tried CrossFit in the past?

This is a favorite question and one we are most excited about speaking about because CrossFit has a history of sounding and/or looking scary and/or intimidating. We want to take every opportunity we can to educate those who may be new to the ideas within CrossFit's methodology. If you have had an experience or a different exposure to CrossFit that did't feel safe, compassionate, or tailored to your well being or individual needs than I would challenge you to give us a try. We guarantee that you will be well coached, welcomed, and encouraged. We also hope you feel empowered and part of a community that is supportive of you as you pursue improving your health in setting that you are excited to be a part of.

Question #6 | What does the membership look like?

  • NO CONTRACTS | Make a commitment to yourself, to your health, and to your wellness...NOT TO YOUR GYM! In fact, let us make THE COMMITMENT to you! We are commited to creating an environment that feels welcoming, inclusive, and supportive. An environment that is about helping you reach your goals, and an environment and program that keeps you wanting to be a part of it.
  • UNLIMITED CLASSES | We believe your fitness journey shouldn't be limited by financial constraints. Our goal is to help you tailor a rhythm or routine that aligns with your lifestyle, supporting you in achieving your aspirations. Our desire is for you to eagerly participate, arriving as your authentic self and on your own terms. Show up as often as you feel led!
  • 25+ CLASSES PER WEEK | All classes will be hands on, instructor led and well coached.
  • MEMBERSHIP PERKS | Wellness Offerings, Recovery Packages/Programs, more to be revealed soon - be sure to fill out the attached questionnaire and get connected to learn more about these PERKS as we make the information available! Consultations also available to discuss more in person. 

A Message from Coach | Dr. Devynne

If you've made it this far, let me extend my heartfelt thanks for your interest in MPCF! Realizing the dream of opening a CrossFit box has been a significant goal of mine over the past few years. Like many paths in life, the journey here has been nothing short of unique.

Since relocating here in the Spring/Summer of 2023, the warmth and support of the local community have been overwhelming. Our other ventures, Jing Shen Healing Arts and Ancient Ways Apothecary, have been welcomed with such enthusiasm and open arms, for which I am deeply grateful. This incredible reception has only fueled my excitement to bring this CrossFit dream to life in the same vibrant community!

My team and I are aware that our approach in sharing information might seem a bit unconventional. But, as you'll often hear me say in the gym, there is intention behind everything we do! If any part of our story or vision has sparked your interest or curiosity, I warmly invite you to schedule a consultation with me. It would be my pleasure to meet with you in person, to discuss any questions, concerns, or hesitations you might have.

Looking forward to the opportunity of embarking on this fitness journey with you.

Warmest Regards,

Dr. Devynne Berry, DACM

Head Coach & Owner | Middle Path CrossFit
Doctor of Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine | Jing Shen Healing Arts